Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, designed to help two parties resolve differences in a way that is acceptable to each. A neutral third party, called a mediator, works to help the parties come to an agreement and settle their differences amicably rather than wasting time and money fighting in court.

MLG Law Group in Chicago represents clients in several types of mediations, including divorce, business disputes, and foreclosure matters. Whether you need a divorce mediation lawyer, or an attorney to represent you in a business or financial mediation, we can help protect your rights and best interests.


Benefits of Choosing Mediation

Mediation can be significantly less expensive than trying to resolve disputes or contested matters through traditional legal channels. In certain circumstances, mediation is a required first step to resolving disputes, before either party can ask an Illinois judge to rule on the matter. In other cases, parties opt for mediation first, recognizing that it can save time and money.

In family law matters, couples can mediate all sorts of important decisions, working to come to an agreement on child custody decisions, division of assets and liabilities, child support, spousal maintenance, and more.

While mediation is common in divorce proceedings, it is also frequently used to resolve business disputes or determine issues in foreclosure cases. A mediation business law attorney handles contractual disputes between different business entities, between businesses and their current or former employees, and even between businesses and their clients. Just as in family law mediation, business law mediation is generally faster and cheaper than resolving issues by filing lawsuits.

In the context of foreclosure, mediation can help give homeowners a level of support they often don’t have in the courtroom by themselves. With foreclosure mediation, a key goal is trying to find ways to help homeowners modify their loans or be allowed to walk away from their loans without further obligation or liability.


How a Skilled Mediation Attorney Can Help

When you choose to settle a business or financial dispute or handle a divorce with mediation rather than litigation, it is important to have an experienced,
knowledgeable mediation attorney in your corner. While your attorney isn’t representing you in a traditional courtroom in a mediation matter, he or she is still there to help protect your interests. Your attorney’s role is to facilitate the process so you can come to an out-of-court agreement that meets your needs and addresses your concerns.

At MLG Law Group, we understand the mediation process. If you are looking for the best divorce mediator in the Chicago area or want to explore mediation for a business dispute, foreclosure or other matter, look no further than MLG Law Group.

Collectively, our attorneys have more than 30 years of Chicago divorce mediation and other dispute mediation experience. To learn more about the services we provide and to explore whether family law mediation may be a good option in your case, contact us to schedule a consultation today.