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When you need help navigating the decisions that come with ending a marriage or co-parenting children, you need a trusted advocate in your corner. Having the best family law attorney in Chicago fighting for your rights can give you peace of mind knowing that your best interests — and your children’s best interests — will be represented well.

The skilled, compassionate legal professionals at MLG Law Group are committed to providing quality legal advice and services to every client.


Services We Offer

Each MLG Law Group family law attorney in Chicago, Warrenville and our Southside Chicago office specializes in helping people transition from being married to the next chapter in their lives. We also understand that life events can necessitate changes to previous settlement agreements, and our attorneys are committed to helping clients through emotionally charged changes.

Every family law Chicago attorney in our firm works with clients across Chicagoland by providing professional representation, expertise and guidance with the following types of legal matters:


Parenting Agreements

Decisions about custody and visitation rights for minor children can be some of the most heart-wrenching and difficult parts of ending a marriage. Our family law attorneys will help fight for a parenting agreement that is in your children’s and your family’s best interests.


Child Support

Child support decisions depend largely on the income and expenses of the parent who doesn’t have primary custody. Support is designed to help the custodial parent meet the child’s needs and day-to-day expenses. The family law attorneys at MLG Law Group help parents with initial child support actions, as well as revisions to existing child support orders when needed.


Spousal Maintenance

Illinois courts review spousal maintenance on a case-by-case basis — awarding it when the facts and circumstances of a divorcing couple’s situation warrant it. In some divorces, spousal maintenance can play an important role in helping a lesser-earning spouse get back on his or her financial feet after the divorce is final. The attorneys at MLG Law Group will work closely with you to make a case for or against either temporary or permanent spousal maintenance, as appropriate in your situation.


Asset Division

One of the biggest unknowns for many divorcing couples in Illinois is how their assets and liabilities will ultimately be divided. Illinois courts make asset division decisions based on an “equitable distribution” standard — meaning that assets and liabilities will be divided in a way that the court deems fair to both parties, not necessarily equally. The family law attorneys at MLG Law Group work closely with clients to advocate for their fair share of marital assets.


Child Removal/Relocation

When one parent who has primary or shared custody of a couple’s child wants to move outside of the Chicago area, he or she must either get permission from the child’s other parent to do so or obtain a court order authorizing relocation. Our attorneys can represent you in relocation actions — whether you are the parent who wants to move or are opposed to your child’s other parent relocating.


Your Future Is Right Around the Corner, MLG Law Group Can Help You Get There

Decisions related to divorce are rarely easy. The attorneys at MLG Law Group know how difficult the process can be. We can help by providing advice and skilled representation based on a combined three decades of experience handling family law matters in Illinois courts.

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