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Foreclosure Defense Services

For many people in the greater Chicago area, buying a home represents the culmination of years of hard work. When the unthinkable happens and the bank or mortgage company issues a foreclosure notice, it can be devastating. If you are facing foreclosure on your home, you need a skilled foreclosure defense lawyer in your corner. MLG Law Group stands up for clients’ rights, helping them avoid wrongful foreclosure so they can remain in their homes.


MLG Law Group Helps Clients Avoid Foreclosure

It can be a hopeless feeling to think you are about to lose your home. Understand that you have legal rights. In fact, there may be multiple defenses a knowledgeable foreclosure defense attorney can assert to help you prevail in your case and stay in the family home.


At MLG Law Group, our attorneys know both Illinois and federal foreclosure laws. We can help you fight to obtain a loan modification or to refinance your loan, so you don’t need to uproot yourself or your loved ones. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, we may be able to prove that the bank made mistakes or even broke the law in the lending process. In other cases, banks that have filed foreclosure auctions don’t even legally have the right to do so. When you work with an MLG Law Group attorney, you’ll have a skilled advocate in your corner, one who understands just how much your home means to you and who isn’t afraid to fight for you.


When to Consider Hiring a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Most of our clients who need foreclosure defense assistance are good, hardworking people who simply fell behind on their mortgages. There are a variety of reasons this can happen.


Some of the most common reasons our clients face foreclosure include the following:


  • Changed marital status: Divorce can wreak havoc on your finances, creating unexpected expenses and changing the financial landscape. Our attorneys help divorced clients fight back so they can keep their homes.
  • Medical bills: Skyrocketing health care expenses are another common culprit. Medical bills are the cause of an astonishing number of foreclosures and bankruptcy actions every year in the United States. At MLG Law Group, we don’t think you should lose your home just because you became ill.
  • Unemployment: Losing your job can be devastating emotionally and financially. In today’s job market, it could be difficult to find a new job right away, especially in certain fields or industries. By the time you start earning a paycheck again, you might have fallen behind on your mortgage. Our foreclosure defense lawyers may be able to help.
  • Bankruptcy: Filing for bankruptcy is rarely an easy decision. However, sometimes circumstances completely outside your control can create the perfect financial storm, making it impossible to stay on top of your bills. If you have been through or are involved in bankruptcy proceedings and are facing foreclosure on your home, MLG Law Group may be able to help you save your home.


Choose the Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Chicago Residents Trust — MLG Law Group

With a combined total of more than three decades of legal experience, the attorneys at MLG Law Group know what they’re doing.


We are proud of our reputation for helping clients fight a variety of legal issues, including wrongful foreclosure actions. Our attorneys and staff are committed to providing the attention to detail and personalized service you deserve.


To learn more about how we help clients throughout Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County and Will County stay in their homes, contact us today to schedule an initial case consultation.