Child Custody

Determining parenting time for minor children, often referred to simply as “custody,” can be one of the most contentious and emotionally charged aspects of a breakup. You want what is in your child’s best interest. Unfortunately, that may conflict with what your child’s other parent believes is most beneficial for your son or daughter. MLG Law Group is the child custody law firm that Chicago parents trust when it comes to custody matters.

What to Expect in Your Child Custody Case

Obtaining a court order documenting parenting time decisions can protect you and your child. Even if you and your child’s other parent generally agree on your decision and don’t foresee any future disputes, you still need a court order to document the agreement.

To obtain a parenting time agreement in Illinois, you will need to prove that Illinois is the property state for your case. Your lawyer will ask for your child’s current and any former addresses, and who your child has lived with over the most recent five years (if applicable).

Custody decisions are driven by a “best interests” standard. The judge can only make a decision based on the information available to him or her, so it is important to present a case that accurately and completely demonstrates why your proposed custody arrangement is in your child’s best interest.

Some of the factors the judge will evaluate in your custody case include the following:

  • The relationship between the child and each parent, other caregivers, and other family members
  • How well the parents cooperate with each other
  • Each parent’s physical and mental health
  • The child’s needs
  • Any history of domestic abuse or sexual abuse by either parent or someone else living with either parent

Each case is unique and turns on the facts available to the court. Courts may consider other factors, as appropriate and relevant.

How a Skilled Chicago Child Custody Attorney Can Help

An experienced Chicago child custody lawyer can give you a better chance at a desirable outcome for your child custody case. That’s because your attorney will know how to better uncover evidence to support your case, making it as strong as possible.

Hiring a custody attorney Chicago parent's trust also gives you access to an experienced guide, someone who understands the emotional aspects of your case. Your child custody lawyer can make the process a little easier by explaining what you can expect and helping you through every step of an unfamiliar process.

Why Turn to MLG Law Group for Your Child Custody Case?

At MLG Law Group, we understand how much is on the line when you are fighting for custody of your minor child. We handle parenting time actions with compassion, but we are also not afraid to fight for your rights — and your minor child’s rights. We are committed to working toward our goal of helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their child custody disputes and pleadings.

As experienced litigators, we know Illinois laws and the legal system well. Let us help you navigate the parenting time process.

To learn more about hiring the child custody attorney Chicago residents have been turning to for more than three decades, contact us to schedule a consultation.